Edward R Murrow Sign Off: "Good Night and Good Luck"

“Good night and good luck” was Edward R. Murrow’s famous sign off. He ended his reports from Europe that way, implementing it in 1940 on a broadcast from London. In addition to the famous Edward R. Murrow sign off was his sign on for his early reports: “This...is London,” or whatever city he was in at the time. Both of these catch phrases helped make Murrow an icon in broadcasting history.

Murrow’s sign off was as famous as that of just about any broadcast journalist. 

 Other well-known sign off phrases include Walter Kronkite’s “and that’s the way it is,” Paul Harvey’s “Good Day,” and Linda Ellerbe’s “and so it goes.”


  1. Did Linda Ellerbe steal that sign off from Kurt Vonnegut?


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