Edward R. Murrow left large shoes to fill. The man was a pioneer in the news business in both radio and television. He even wrote for newspapers and magazines. But those are obvious. There are many, less obvious ways he left his mark on the world.

Both Murrow and his wife believed in giving back. Both were very active in different organizations through the years. Murrow was on the NSFA board of directors for many years. They also set up the Edward R. Murrow Foundation that contributed to hospitals, educational institutions, churches, public broadcasting and more. He and his wife believed in giving back, and they walked the walk.

In addition to participating in various organizations, Murrow was honored in other ways.

Two schools are named after Murrow, Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University—his alma mater—and Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, NY.

Edward R. Murrow Awards - Beginning in 1977 the Corporation for Public Broadcasting began presenting awards recognizing “outstanding contributions to public radio.”

Good Night and Good Luck - Inspired by Murrow’s confrontation with McCarthy, the 2005 movie explored the confrontation and the price paid by Murrow and his producer, Fred Friendly.