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While the beginnings of television started in the 1860s with the first cameras and progressed through the work of many people. However, television as we know it came about in the 1920s. Though TVs were commercially available in the 1920s and 1930s, they were not universally adopted. Like radio, people were not quite sure how to use TV. Entertainment was surely one use but there had to be a way to provide informative programming.

See It Now

When Murrow came home he continued working in radio and knew nothing about television. Murrow certainly had no interest in television even saying that he wish it was never invented. Eventually, he was offered the opportunity to host a TV version of Hear It Now, along with producer Fred Friendly, called See It Now. Never one to sit back and wait for things to happen, Murrow went out to find the stories he wanted to tell. The See It Now team maintained a dedicated camera crew to film on location instead of relying on the companies that filmed the news reels. In another departure from accepted practice, the Murrow/Friendly team refused to rehearse interviews beforehand. Like in radio, Murrow came in and turned television on its collective ear. The regular American was always essential to Murrow and that is who he wanted to know more about. Plenty of other outlets covered celebrities and politicians, it was the everyday man and woman Murrow wanted the world to know. He also wanted to sho